Cessna 182 cruise speed and fuel burn

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Top Speed: 187: Empty Weight: 1,846: Cruise Speed: 173: Fuel Capacity: 92: Stall Speed (dirty): 50: Range: 845 : Rate of Climb: 1,040: Rate of Climb (One Engine): Service Ceiling: 20,000: Ceiling (One Engine): Takeoff: Landing: Ground Roll: 820: Ground Roll 600: Takeoff Roll Over 50 ft: 1,570: Landing Roll Over 50 ft: 1,320

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Advanced Cessna 182. ... Fuel Weight: 528 lbs: ... complex airplane certified IFR capable of useful loads in excess of 1100 lbs. and a cruise speed of 150 kts. N2623C.
The payoff was a 10-knot cruise speed increase. Owners report 200 knots at FL210 while burning 11.5 GPH. With 75 gallons usable fuel aboard, range, with VFR reserves, can approach 1000 nm when cruising in the flight Even with but 185 HP, the original Bonanza demonstrated that it was speedy.
* SPEED: Maximum at Sea Level . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 123 KNOTS Cruise, 80% Power at 8000 FT . . . . . . . . . . . . 122 KNOTS CRUISE: Recommended lean mixture with fuel allowance for engine start, taxi, takeoff, climb and 45 minutes reserve. 80% Power at 8000 FT . . . . . . . . . . . . Range 580 NM 53 Gallons Usable Fuel Time 4.8 HRS
Increase cruise speed 2% at cruise settings of 65% and 75%; Increased fuel performance 1% to 2%; Increased flight safety margin and stability at low speed; STC approved in combination with other STOL kit modifications on all series of Cessna 180, 182 and 185 on wheels, skis or floats.
The 182RG was stable, didn't object to being flown 25 percent of gross (with a ferry permit Over 200 Skylane RGs and Turbo Skylane RGs were produced before Cessna shut down all piston production in 1986. Max rpm for both climb and cruise was set a neighborly 2400 rpm, relegating use of the prop...
CRUISE: Recommended lean mixture with fuel allowance for engine start, taxi, takeoff, climb and 45 They are calculated values derived from flight tests conducted by Cessna Aircraft Company under Maneuvering Speed is the maximum speed at which full or abrupt control movements may be used...
Review of the approved FAA operator's manual dated July 1981 for the O-470L, revealed in accordance with: Figure-11, at 75% brake horsepower the engine will have a fuel burn rate of 15.4 gallons per hour at sea level, at standard day atmosphere. Available records show the airplane was last fueled on April 17, 2006.
Wanted to share a normally aspirated Cessna 182’s altitude performances. Climb is done with constant EGT method (Max RPM = 2400) Cruise is set at PEAK-EGT (RPM = 2200) In cruise, IAS is between 100 and 105. It would have climbed, with patience, to FL175 quite easily. I would have expected IAS between 90 and 95 IAS in cruise there.
CRUISE: Recommended lean mixture with fuel allowance for. • THE CESSNA WARRANTY, which provides coverage for parts and labor, is available at Cessna Dealers worldwide. Maximum Structural Cruising Speed is the speed that should not be exceeded except in smooth air, then only with caution.
The Cessna 208/208B has two main fuel tanks located in each wing (left and right) and a small reservoir tank located under the cabin floor in forward fuselage. The total fuel capacity of 335.6 US gallons and a useable fuel capacity of the main tanks is 332 US gallons. Cessna 208B Caravan TKS Tank Relocation.
By mid-2013 Cessna planned to introduce the next model of the 182T, the JT-A, using the 227 hp (169 kW) SMA SR305-230 diesel engine running on Jet-A with a burn rate of 11 U.S. gallons (42 L; 9.2 imp gal) per hour and cruise at 155 kn (287 km/h). Cessna has no timeline for the JT-A and the diesel 172.
65% cruise is 26-28gph total on the R-Model with IO-520's(not sure if the 550's burn that much more). I would know, I have 2000 hours of seat time in the C310R, and honestly, I would run them 25"/2100RPM to get it down to 22 and still get about the same cruise speed, or 21-squared and get it around 18gph.
Fuel Capacity: 92 Gal. Max. Takeoff weight: 3,100 pounds . Performance Characteristics . Fuel Burn: 16 gph; Cruise Speed: 140 kts. Min. Speed: 55 kts. Service Ceiling: 18,000 ft. Duration: 5.5 hours; Range: 820 nm . Special Characteristics . Multi-Purpose General Aviation Aircraft
Symbol Speed MPH Symbol Speed MPH V NE Never Exceed 198 V SO Stall Speed Flaps 40 ° 63 V NO Max. Structural Cruise 160 V S Stall Speed Flaps Up 68 V A Design Maneuvering Speed: 2950 lbs. 126 V X Best Angle of Climb 70 V Y Best Rate of Climb 90 V FE Max. Flap Extended Speed: Flaps 10° 160 __ Cruise Climb 100-110 V FE Max. Flap Extended Speed ...
Cessna 172 (1957) / Cessna 172P (1986) Cruise, knots 108 /120 Stall 50 /47 Fuel burn, Max Cruise 7.5 /9 Rate of Climb, fpm 660 /700 ... Cruise speed (knots): 75% ...
the speed increase, your range will increase by about 1.5% to 2%. However, if you want to take full advantage of the range increase your speed kit can give you, throttle back until your cruise speed was the same as before you had the speed kit installed. With this throttle setting you can have a range increase of from 2% to 3%.
Now, let's say your lowly Cessna 182 is plodding along at 160 mph, but burning significantly less gas. Turbos Make A Difference An aircraft equipped with a turbocharger is always going to offer increased speed and fuel efficiency over its normally aspirated counterpart because it will hold its...
Cessna 182 Cruise Speed. By Guest allcott, July 27, 2004 in MS FSX | FSX-SE Forum. Cessna publishes figures for probably one person, no luggage, and half or 75% fuel to get the best numbers to publish; all this with a perfectly running aircraft.Then, use the little conversion wheel on the airspeed...
Equipment. Late 1978 model with all 1979 equipment including 92 gal fuel tanks (no bladers), and electric oil preasure gauge. IFR Certified Garmin GNS430W GPS (with WAAS)

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cessna introduction model t182t nav iii gfc 700 afcs u.s. notice at the time of issuance, this information manual was an exact duplicate of the official pilot’s operating handbook and
Our single-engined Cessna 210s, 207s, 206, 182 RG and 172s have proven their place in General Aviation for many decades and have been used through out most countries and in all environmental extremities. The Cessna 210's speed and fuel efficiency make for an extremely cost effective mode of transport.
Performance Specifications - Subject to Correction and Buyer Verification: Horsepower: 1 x 230 HP Best Cruise Speed: 141 KIAS Best Range: 800 NM Fuel Burn @ 75%: 13.5 GPH Stall Speed: 48 KIAS Rate of climb: 980 FPM Ceiling: 18,900 FT Takeoff distance: 625 FT Landing distance: 590 FT Takeoff distance over 50ft obstacle: 1,205 FT Landing distance over 50ft obstacle: 1,350 FT Weights as of last Weight & Balance April 2004 - Subject to Correction and Buyer Verification: Max Gross Weight: 2,800 ...
Jul 13, 2015 · Cessna 182RG Specs and Performance Summary Cruise speed (knots) 160 Fuel (gal) 92/552 Engine Lycoming IO-540-J3C5D HP 235 Payload (lbs) 739 Useful Load (lbs) 1291 Tell Us How We Can Help (Click the link of what would help you most) I own one and I need parts I own one, but am looking to sell. […]
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The CESSNA 182R, manufactured from 1981 - 1986, requires a 1 person crew and can transport up to 3 passengers. The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 14,900', a normal cruise speed of 142 KTS/163 MPH, and a 844 NM/972 SM seats-full range. The CESSNA 182R has a 1,477' balanced field length and 1,769' landing distance.
There's a chart in the Skyhawk 172 manual which I have for private pilot training. It shows fuel burn at RPM settings. IIRC, 2100-2300 is the best range for fuel burn. I flew today in a 172SP and used 2100 rpms and that gave me 105-110 kts. Don't forget the mixture does also affect it.
Mar 06, 2017 · The drawbacks of the Cherokee 6 are its high fuel burn, the higher cost of insurance for six seats, and the sticker price topping $100,000. The Cessna 182 is just a tier higher than the Cessna 172 that I had been training in, and so very similar. However, it’s bigger, faster and can carry more. The decision seemed obvious.
1959 Cessna 172 Owners Manual. N7084T. 1- 1. SECTION I - DescriptionOne of the first steps in obtaining the utmost performance, service, and flying enjoyment from your Cessna is to familiarize yourself with your airplane's equipment, systems, and controls.
The 230-horsepower 6 cylinder Continental engine is equipped with a constant speed propeller. The maximum take-off weight is 1270 kg with a cruising speed of 125knt. Total fuel 84 USG (79 USG useable) 125knt cruise @ 75% power
The 20% fuel burn saving is achieved through Airbus' latest cabin innovations reinforced by further engine efficiency improvements. "The A320neo Family keeps getting better as we are continuously innovating both in cabin productivity and engine efficiency to stay ahead of the game...
The Cessna 182 Skylane is the second most popular Cessna light aircraft, after the 172, having four-seat, single-engine and an option of adding two child seats, placed in the baggage area.. One ...
The 230-horsepower 6 cylinder Continental engine is equipped with a constant speed propeller. The maximum take-off weight is 1270 kg with a cruising speed of 125knt. Total fuel 84 USG (79 USG useable) 125knt cruise @ 75% power
A Cessna Skylane has a range of 820 NM and a cruising speed of 140 KTS. How many hours will it take you to fly 820 NM? Since the Skylane has a fuel capacity of 88 US GAL (including 10% in reserve -- Don't forget to subtract the 10% before figuring your consumption.), how many gallons of fuel per hour does it use?
Air Plains Services specializes in engine upgrades for Cessna 172, 180, 182, and R182 aircraft. Upgrade your 182RG with Air Plains 300HP. Remove the existing 235HP Lycoming O-540 engine and replace it with 300HP Lycoming IO-540-K1G5 Air Plains 300HP.

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